A threat to the diversity of languages english language essay

Essay on Linguistic Diversity in India Article shared by: Here is your essay on linguistic diversity in India! Inthe States in India were reorganized on linguistic basis.

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This means that there are 20 times as many languages as there are countries. The fact that there is such a complex diversity when it comes to languages, only demonstrates the underlying complexity of human kind.

One of the intrinsic elements of any State lies in its population, which ultimately means that states are formed by people. More specifically, by individuals.

This sentence implies that multifarious individuals imbue their country with this aspect, and as a result States are complicated entities as well. From what is said above, we could state that languages are a fundamental part of a multifaceted State.

Furthermore, languages have different forms depending on their geographical location, as in the case of Spanish —Argentinians speak a very different form of Spanish from Mexicans, and, in Argentina, we even have a great number of dialects that set each Province apart.

Perhaps this is why, a poetry written in English has not always have the same connotation when read in another language, or maybe why jokes cannot be translated —because they are not understood in the same way. This is mainly because a more complex culture, has more to account for.

As time went by and men became more aware of other surroundings, more words appeared. Alongside the colonization of America, there was an exchange in vocabulary and certain indigenous words like hurricane, canoe and jaguar, etc. With the industrial revolution, and the everyday technological developments, there were MORE words needed like mail, internet, drone, etc.

Another reason for the appearance of new words could be the contrasting realities. What is more, it has been argued that the abysmal difference in languages in some regions represents a barrier for communication and sustainable relations amongst its States.

So much so, that there have even been several attempts —Esperanto, for instance- to create a single language which would replace all others.

These efforts have failed however, due to the fact that they did not contemplate the key aspect of a language, its singularity.

Why are we so determined to undermine our differences?

A threat to the diversity of languages english language essay

Why is it that we feel the constant need to demean someone based solely on the fact that they are not like us? The sad truth is that instead of praising our uniqueness and trying to understand each other better, we only focus on what separates us.

Clearly, languages are just a part of the astounding complexity that surrounds us and SHOULD be given the prominence they deserve. If knowledge is power, then being able to fully comprehend a language and its context confers great power and at the same time great responsibilities on the international community.

As can be expected, this idea entails broadening our cultural horizons in order to solve countless issues that transcend national borders.

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A Global Citizen is multi-perceptive and has a critical outlook, thus contributing to peaceful dialogue and still more, solving problems —such as therelativization of Human Rights— and conflicts of interest —e. In a globalized world where conflicts are widely spread, where its cultures are in constant juxtaposition, and where distances are shortened, it is of vital importance to set joint goals and move forward to achieve them.

Naturally, when learning a foreign language, its customs and culture in general are being absorbed as well. Even though I have been raised as an Argentinian, I believe I have a deeper understanding of the American, British and Australian culture as I have learnt English together with other aspects of these countries.

In fact, this is one of the reasons I am currently learning German, so that I am able understand this culture. Another advantage of multilinguals is the fact that learning —or better yet, already knowing— an additional language makes the brain work harder. Going back to globalization, this phenomenon spreads a specific language and culture —English and the American Culture respectively.

It has been said that the expansion of this culture, and this language, suffocates other —more vulnerable— ones.All in all, a language represents a community´s distinctive features and also mirrors our diversity as complex human leslutinsduphoenix.com a language dies, a whole culture, a whole system dies with it, even if it was spoken by a single individual.

English does affect language diversity, which manifests in different forms according to different context. In the core English-speaking countries, it severely leads to the endangerment of many indigenous languages.

In some periphery-English countries, English deprives those state languages of the right of intellectualization. Language diversity also influences important issues such as education, Government and adoption. Adoption in South African families is a good example of the language challenges South Africans face.

If a family decides to adopt a child from another language, they . Language Diversity. affected language diversity and cultural identity.

Agree, disagree or partly agree.

A threat to the diversity of languages english language essay

This essay examines the impact the adoption of English as a common language has had on the languages and culture of the Aboriginal people of Australia. The adoption of English as the universal language of science is due in part to historical political and economic factors which favored English over other potential candidate languages such as Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Spanish.

remains controversial is the threat of English to other languages, particularly those of less known communities and minority languages. Minority languages are rich reflection of multiethnic cultures and societies and carry a wealth of linguistic, historical, social, cultural, and anthropological information.

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