Academic writing task 1 sample answers

November 20, Sample: The increase in the total number of young people as opposed to older people has been seen in some nations recently. It has been assumed that this situation can give more benefits to a country. This essay will focus on the belief that having more young adults positively affects a nation.

Academic writing task 1 sample answers

Sample Answers The diagram illustrates how wasted bottles made from glass are recycled and delivered back to the store. Overall, there are 3 main stages in the whole glass bottle recycling process, beginning with collecting wasted jars and finishing with the delivery of the products for sale.

In the first stage, wasted glass jars are deposited at collection points where they are loaded on trucks to transport to a glass treatment plant. In the second stage, several steps are taken in order to transform wasted glass to recycled products. Firstly, bottles are washed under high-pressure water to remove any impurities, following that they are classified into 3 categories based on the colour, namely clear, green and brown glass.

They are then transferred to glass factories in which they are crushed into debris. In the next step, those pieces are melted in a glass-melting furnace at around to degree Celsius.

academic writing task 1 sample answers

After that, recycled liquid glass together with new liquid glass are moulded into new products. In the last stage, the glass is used to bottle different products, and then sent back to the supermarket ready for sale. The diagram illustrates the various stages in the recycling of waste glass bottles.

There are three main stages shown in the diagram, beginning with the collection of the used glass bottles and ending with the delivery of products in new bottles to retail outlets such as supermarkets.

Cambridge Academic IELTS Test 6 Writing Task 2 Sample (Advantages of more young adults)

In the first stage, waste bottles are deposited at collection points, where they are loaded onto trucks for delivery to a glass recycling facility. Stage 2 begins with the process of cleaning the bottles with high pressure water and they are then separated into clear, green and brown glass.

This is then broken into pieces in the glass factory and passed through a furnace, where they are burned at a temperature of to degrees Celsius. This recycled glass is now in liquid form, and it is joined with new liquid glass ready for moulding into a bottle shape. In the final stage, the new bottles are used for different products, ready for sale in supermarkets or shops.

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academic writing task 1 sample answers

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Below is a sample answer for December writing task 1. The task consists of one vertical bar chart and two pie charts.

The sample answer is estimated at about band score 8.

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