Ansoffs matrix for barclays bank

Introduction THE Oxford Handbook of Strategy is a compendium of chapters by prominent academics addressing some of the most important issues in the field of strategic management at the beginning of the twenty-first century. It is produced in six parts. All the contributors are practising academics, mostly currently researching in the area in which they have written their chapters for the Handbook. The book is part of an important new series of Handbooks that Oxford University Press is developing across the social sciences and humanities, including several in business and management.

Ansoffs matrix for barclays bank

The objectives of an organisation will be governed by its key stakeholders.

Ansoffs matrix for barclays bank

These key stakeholders be determined using stakeholder mapping. Mendelow's matrix is a popular method for performing stakeholder mapping.

Mendelow's matrix Stakeholder mapping Stakeholder mapping can help deal with stakeholders' conflicting demands. It identifies stakeholder expectations and power and helps in establishing political priorities. The process involves making decisions on the following two issues.

How interested the stakeholder is to impress their expectations on the organisation's choice of strategies, i. To what extent the stakeholder has power to impose its wants?

Mendelow's matrix Mendelow proposed a matrix to help analyse stakeholders. Understanding the matrix The matrix is normally completed with regard to the stakeholder impact of a particular strategy. The purpose is to assess: The following strategies might be applicable to each quadrant: They are more likely than others to accept what they are told and follow instructions.

Management needs to convince opponents to the strategy that the plans are justified; otherwise they will try to gain power by joining with parties in boxes C and D.

This could involve reassuring them of the outcomes of the strategy well in advance. Management, therefore, needs to communicate plans to them and then discuss implementation issues.

How to determine interest and power How interested are they? The 'level of interest' can usefully be described as how likely it is that a stakeholder will take some sort of action to exercise his or her power. Not all stakeholders have the time or inclination to follow management's decisions closely.

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Again some generalisations are possible about what will lead to interest, e. Power Resignation, withdrawing labour, cancelling orders, refusing to sell, calling in an overdraft, dismissing directors, legal action, granting contracts, setting remuneration. Note that legislation tends to move power away from shareholders to other stakeholders.

Employee protection legislation dismissal, redundancy, health and safety moves power to employees and away from management and shareholders. Environmental protection legislation moves power to the local community and other interested parties. Consumer legislation moves power to customers.

Your FeedbackWe value your feedback on the topics or anything else you have found on our site, so we can make it even better. Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London Rating:BCG matrix is also known as BCG model relates to marketing, it is well known portfolio management tool used in the product life cycle theory in which products are prioritize according to its fund and attention.

In this matrix market growth and market shares is the key variables. Bank of India, Barclays Bank and Standard Porter (), proposed that there are three Chartered bank. Over the years their sources of competitive advantage, namely, performance have been attributed to effective cost leadership, differentiation and focus.

The TOWS Matrix is a relatively simple tool for generating strategic options. By using it, you can look intelligently at how you can best take advantage of the opportunities open to you, at the same time that you minimize the impact of weaknesses and protect yourself against threats.

ANSOFF MATRIX. Depending on the characteristic of each, the marketing strategy is decided. These marketing strategy are as follows.. 1) Market Penetration in Ansoff Matrix – In the Ansoff matrix, market penetration is adopted as a strategy when the firm has an existing product and needs a growth strategy for an existing market.

The best example of such a scenario is the telecom industry.

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