How to write a sad song yahoo

Get over it people.

How to write a sad song yahoo

After six Rocky movies, there was little left to say about the Philly club fighter turned world champ. Wepner later sued Stallone for cashing in on his life story and they settled out of court. Stallone says around 10 percent of the original script remained in the final version.

After rejecting on the script that eventually became the film Paradise Alley, the producers read Rocky and immediately optioned it. United Artists was interested, but wanted to cast a big-name actor even though the then little-known Stallone desperately wanted the role.

The Moody Blues

Other than Burt Young Paulienone of the primary actors in Rocky were the first choice. Producers wanted Lee Strasberg for Mickey, but he wanted too much money. Burgess Meredith, a professional actor since the s, stepped in.

how to write a sad song yahoo

Director John Avildsen and Stallone had to fight to shoot exteriors on location in Philadelphia. Producers wanted to shoot the entire in movie in L.

Shooting in Philadelphia was done on a shoestring. There was no honeywagonno catering, and no trailers. All exterior shots were lit exclusively with natural light, and pizza was the only on-set meal — for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Several elevated trains can be seen rolling by the background in exterior shots. He filmed his wife running up those stairs as a proof of concept for the Steadicam and when Avildsen saw that footage he decided to use it in Rocky. The Steadicam was also an essential part of shooting in the meat locker — allowing Brown to weave in and out of the beef sides — and the final fight between Rocky and Apollo.

The device allowed Brown to circle the fighters in the ring and shoot over the shoulder of the one getting punched. Stallone and Meredith wore prosthetic pieces throughout the film. He dabbed sweet vermouth, which he hates, on his neck and face.

He wore layer upon layer of clothing so it would be harder to move and dipped his hands in turpentine so they would feel tight, mimicking arthritis.

Stallone encountered some opposition to his decision to have Rocky wear a pork pie hat. Avildsen told Stallone to rewrite it so the characters would be moving around. Stallone revised it as an ice-skating scene that was supposed to include hundreds of extras.Aug 12,  · Edit Article How to Write a Sad Song.

Three Parts: Establishing the Basics Writing Your Lyrics Setting Your Lyrics to Music Community Q&A Sad songs are a major part of popular culture. Many people find listening to sad songs is a great way to get in touch with their emotions%(72). Aug 12,  · If you are writing a sad song, consider switching to minor third at certain points during the song to help your listeners experience sad emotions.

[7] However, listen to a variety of songs that incorporate minor third first%(77). Aug 08,  · Best Answer: I've read some sad stories and I think the saddest ones are those that start off okay. You know, like, when everything seems alright in the beginning and then suddenly something really drastic happens - then the reader isn't so Resolved.

Nov 26,  · But I have written songs where I write the lyrics first and the music later. This doesn't happen very often. Get your friends band on tape, with the music, and take it home and listen to it over and over. Open up notepad on your computer and begin writing what Status: Resolved.

Aug 12,  · Edit Article How to Write an Emotional and Meaningful Song. Three Parts: Brainstorming Ideas Creating Lyrics for the Song Adding Music to the Lyrics Community Q&A Writing an emotional and meaningful song can feel daunting, as you do not want it be too sentimental or cliche%(62).

Nov 24,  · Rocky (). 1. Stallone was inspired to write Rocky after watching Chuck Wepner’s title fight with Muhammad Ali, in which the journeyman heavyweight knocked down the champ for only the.

how to write a sad song yahoo
How to Write an Emotional and Meaningful Song (with Pictures)