How to write an about me section artistry

Because you want to get the ball rolling, starting your productive day. If you are like me, a procrastinator, you have to begin somewhere, and the easiest task, usually the fastest to complete, will jump-start your motivation to get things done.

How to write an about me section artistry

We are going to go through a few of the important points and show you some examples of artists including ArtWeb members of course! Artist Statement Try and include a portrait of yourself!

There are lots of reasons why this is really useful. Why not think about how you can channel your creativity through your picture? A great idea is to to have someone photograph you next to or amongst your artwork.

Below are a couple of artists that I think do this well: Another well done profile picture is that of Kate Boyce, http: Some additional advice and examples for your profile text Try to convey the fundamental elements of what your work is about. Think about what it conveys and what ideas you tend to focus on.

What materials and processes do you use and why? Try not to overcomplicate your statement with long theories or confusingly elaborate processes. Keep it concise and clear, and make sure it really is relevant to your work.

How have these affected your work? The length of your statement can vary when applying for residencies, galleries etc. Here are a couple of good examples: Mixed media artist Camilla Brendon uses her statement to introduce the themes and ideas behind her work: Artweb member Anne Magill has decided to use a quote on her opening page.

This is a really great idea as it gives a sense of professionalism, and shows the artist is successful: Biography Your biography is a chance to boast! Many artists struggle with self-promotion and maybe feel uncomfortable about listing achievements and successes.

However, we all know how important it is to sell yourself, especially when you are trying to sell your work at the end of the day! Focus on the parts of your life that you are most proud of. Include some information about where you grew up, your influences perhaps, where you moved to etc. Your biography is a chance to talk about YOU and not just your professional achievements these can be listed in detail in a separate CV.

General things to cover are: Here are some examples of successful biographies: Joanna Yates has a great biography on her site, also a brilliant use of a profile pic that shows her working: That way, people can choose whether they want to read it!

Some artists include their date and place of birth, but this is entirely up to you! Include your education in date order, most recent first. List your exhibitions by year, for example: You can also separate your exhibitions into Group shows and Solo shows, if you prefer.

Include details of residencies or exchanges you have done. Make sure you put down awards and any you have been nominated or shortlisted for. Include a commissioned section, to list selected commissioned work. List any work that has been published in books, or any articles that have been written about you and include images of your work.Aug 02,  · 5 Tips to be More Creatively Productive!

Time Management: I am just going to say it: I hate schedules. Write “Color Mixing (painting)” Blog Article (by Next Tuesday) Let me know in the comment section below or on the.

Impulsive Artistry Facebook Page. Feb 10,  · I would like to discuss under the section, Word Mechanics, some issues regarding the aesthetics of writing styles. I seek to develop a very distinctive writing style.

However, I need to learn and find inspiration from good authors and writings. I want to write novels beautifully and artistically. Even if you are a seasoned player I recommend checking out the section and have a run through a few lessons to brush up.

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MELY CRUZ is a makeup & hair artist, a blogger, a model, an entrepreneur, a wife and a mom of 2.

how to write an about me section artistry

Mely offers on-location and in-studio, high-end makeup and hair artistry services for weddings, editorial, commercial, special occasion and all kinds of events.

Mely and her team are located in the W. So how do you write an effective about me section but still keeping “them” in mind? 3 Components Of A Killer About Me Section. 1. Be conversational, not .

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