Questionnarie on consumer buying behavior for branded clothes

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Questionnarie on consumer buying behavior for branded clothes

Personal Factors affecting Consumer Behaviour Personal Factors affecting Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour helps us understand the buying tendencies and spending patterns of consumers. Not all individuals would prefer to buy similar products.

Consumer behaviour deals with as to why and why not an individual purchases particular products and services. Personal Factors play an important role in affecting consumer buying behaviour. Tim always looked for premium brands which would go with his designation whereas Jack preferred brands which were not very expensive.

Tim was really conscious about the clothes he wore, the perfume he used, the watch he wore whereas Jack never really bothered about all this. As a CEO of an organization, it was really essential for Tim to wear something really elegant and unique for others to look up to him.

A CEO or for that matter a senior professional can never afford to wear cheap labels and local brands to work. You would never find a low level worker purchasing business suits, ties for himself.

College goers and students would prefer casuals as compared to professionals who would be more interested in buying formal shirts and trousers.

Age Age and human lifecycle also influence the buying behaviour of consumers. Teenagers would be more interested in buying bright and loud colours as compared to a middle aged or elderly individual who would prefer decent and subtle designs.

A bachelor would prefer spending lavishly on items like beer, bikes, music, clothes, parties, clubs and so on. A young single would hardly be interested in buying a house, property, insurance policies, gold etc. An individual who has a family, on the other hand would be more interested in buying something which would benefit his family and make their future secure.

How much an individual brings home decides how much he spends and on which products? Individuals with high income would buy expensive and premium products as compared to individuals from middle and lower income group who would spend mostly on necessary items.

You would hardly find an individual from a low income group spending money on designer clothes and watches. He would be more interested in buying grocery items or products necessary for his survival. Lifestyle Lifestyle, a term proposed by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler inrefers to the way an individual stays in the society.

It is really important for some people to wear branded clothes whereas some individuals are really not brand conscious. An individual staying in a posh locality needs to maintain his status and image. A fitness freak would always look for fitness equipments whereas a music lover would happily spend on musical instruments, CDs, concerts, musical shows etc.I use retailers that are close and convenient regardless of brand: 23 % factors influencing clothing items shopping habits U.S.

apparel and footwear consumer behavior.

Questionnarie on consumer buying behavior for branded clothes

How to analyse consumer behavior by asking these 12 simple questions? September 6, if you ask the conservative one to buy street clothes instead of buying branded clothes, he will scoff at you too.

Convenience and the assurity that returns will happen easily are some of the major factors of consumer buying behavior of women in online.

Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Fashion Apparels- A Case of Delhi Deepali Saluja1 1 Consumer Buying Behavior Regarding Fashion Apparels in Delhi.

The purpose is also to study how consumer Keywords- branded, buying behaviour, casual wear, ethnic.

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I. INTRODUCTION. The Impulse Buying Behavior of Consumes For The FMCG Products In Jodhpur” Handlooms and marts from the area of JODHPUR with the help of structured questionnaire on likert scale.

Data analysis has been done using SPSS software. Consumer Impulse Buying Behavior in Local Markets positive emotions may result into fashion related. Brand personality and positioning effects on consumer behaviour. word (20 pages) essay in Marketing. For a clothing brand like Zara, the brand positioning is very important.

The positioning for Zara in the fashion industry is ‘affordable fast fashion’ and positioned to a universal consumer market. The consumer buying behaviour.

I am currently doing a survey regarding “the influence of Advertisement on teenagers buying behavior”. Management Thesis A comparative study on the consumer’s preference towards branded jewellery over non branded jewellery in Nasik QUESTIONNAIRE NO.

___ RESPONDENT NO. A case study on kids branded clothes” Bhavna Sharma.

Top 5 Important Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour