The regency grand hotel 2 diagnose the problems in this case using organizational behavior concepts

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The regency grand hotel 2 diagnose the problems in this case using organizational behavior concepts

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The hotel provided good welfare benefits, above-market rate salary, and job security. Recently, the Regency was sold to a large American hotel chain that was very keen to expand its operations into Thailand.

John Becker, an American with 10 years of management experience with the hotel chain, was appointed as the new general manager of the Regency Palace Hotel. He expects employees to go beyond guidelines and standards to consider guest needs on a case-by-case basis.

That is, employees must be guest-oriented at all times to provide excellent customer service. Soon after becoming general manager of Regency Palace, Becker introduced the practice of empowerment to replicate the success that he had achieved back home.

The Regency Grand Hotel has been very profitable since it opened 15 years ago. Their responsibility was to ensure that the instructions from their managers were carried out diligently thoroughly and conscientiously carefully. Innovation and creativity were discouraged under the previous management.

Indeed, employees were punished for their mistakes and discouraged from trying out ideas that had not been approved by management.

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As a result, employees were afraid to be innovative and to take risks. He told them that employees must be empowered with decision-making authority so that they can use their initiative, creativity, and judgment to satisfy guest needs and handle problems effectively and efficiently. However, he stressed that the more complex issues and decisions were to be referred to superiors, who were to coach and assist rather than provide direct orders.

He advised his managers and department heads not to discuss with him minor issues or problems and not to consult with him about minor decisions. Nevertheless, he told them that they were to discuss important, major issues and decisions with him.

In the past, the Regency had emphasized administrative control, resulting in many bureaucratic procedures throughout the organization.

For example, the front-counter employees needed to seek approval from their manager before they could upgrade guests to another category of room. Soon after his meeting with the managers, Becker reduced the number of bureaucratic rules at the Regency and allocated more decision-making authority to frontline employees.

Critique: An excerpt from the disclaimer at the beginning warns, "You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems, disease, or illness without consulting your own physician. The Regency Grand Ho t e l By Lisa Ho, University of Western Australia, under the supervision of Steven L. McShane The Regency Grand Hotel is a five-star hotel in Bangkok. The hotel was established 15 years ago by a local consortium of investors and has been operated by a Thai general manager throughout this time. Nov 12,  · In that case, approximately 30 is to give affected parties a reasonable time to adjust their behavior and prepare before the final rule takes effect. Today's rule, however, does not create any new regulatory requirements such that affected parties would need time to prepare before the rule takes effect. Rather, today's action.

This action upset those who previously had decision-making power over these issues. As a result, several of these employees left the hotel. Not long after the implementation of the practice of empowerment, Becker realized that his subordinates were consulting him more frequently than before.

Most of them came to him with minor issues and consulted with him about minor decisions.

The regency grand hotel 2 diagnose the problems in this case using organizational behavior concepts

He had to spend most of his time attending to his subordinates. In the past, the hotel had minimal guest complaints. Now there were a significant number of formal written complaints every month. Many other guests voiced their dissatisfaction verbally to hotel employees.Regency Hotel Case Study Essay example.

Regency Hotel Case Study The Regency Hotel is a beautiful five star hotel that is located in Bangkok. This hotel was established by a local group of investors and was operated by a Thai general manger at the beginning.

This Regency Hotel was one of the country’s most prestigious hotels.

The regency grand hotel 2 diagnose the problems in this case using organizational behavior concepts

Outlining the problem and issues in the Regency Grand Hotel Empowerment is a concept which is commonly used in management in various organizations. According to Ongori (), employee empowerment have benefited many organizations through managing and taking care especially enhancing employee commitment and reducing employee turnover.

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