The success of procopius essay

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The success of procopius essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. From his works we are able to visit back into the Byzantine Empire, when Emperor Justinian reigned. Through the three books he created: Procopius had a great dislike for the Emperor Justinian and the Empress Theodora, and wanted his audience, which would have been the people of the Byzantine Empire, to know their true character.

Procopius is a well-educated man, a well-travelled man.

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He held the position of assessor military legal secretary to General Belisarius, and accompanied him on his military campaigns. Procopius explains to his audience that for fear of his life he was unable to tell the truth about events that have happened in his previous writings.

Procopius starts his assassination of character right in the first chapter. He portrays Belisarius not as a great General, but as a weak man who is blinded by his love for his wife Antonina.

Antonina is portrayed as an unfaithful wife, who indulges in a disgraceful relationship with Theodosius, whom was adopted by Belisarius and his wife, Antonina.

Procopius paints a picture for his audience of women and men who are far from what the social expectations of what an elite person of their time would resemble.

In Antonina and Empress Theodora we see women who are controlling, vengeful, deceptive, and cruel. We see nothing of the properly feminine woman who would be expected to be an elite. In the great General Belisarius, we see a weak man, allowing a woman to control their relationship, very unlike the expectations of the strong muscular men of their day.

Procopius continues his story with the assault on Justinian.

The success of procopius essay

Procopius wanted his audience to know that Justinian was a corrupt tyrant. Procopius must have had a terrible disdain for the Empress Theodora as he describes her character as that of a woman with no virtue.

Procopius wanted his audience to see these people with the same disdain and contempt that he saw them with. Far from the great Emperor who had a vision to recreate the Roman Empire, who rebuilt Constantinople, who built many beautiful churches and buildings, and whom Procopius would have served.

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The Secret History of Procopius tells the tale of three Roman wars, one against the Persians, one against the Vandals, and one against the Goths. The text was written in the 32nd year of Justinian, which various scholars translate as . The Byzantine Empire and Medieval Europe Essay. B. Pages:4 Words This is just a sample.

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Procopius secret history essay. Procopius of Caesarea This edition includes related texts, an introductory essay, notes, maps, a timeline, a guide to the main sources from the period and a guide to scholarship in English.

The translator uses blunt and precise English prose in order to adhere to the style of the original text.

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